Having grown up in Gaithersburg, I've seen a lot of change in our community. Many great things have happened, but the economic growth we experienced in the 1990s has stalled and stagnation has set-in.  Perpetual tax increases and poor job performance are hurting our middle-class families, as entrenched political parties take voters for granted. Transportation congestion is threatening our quality of life, jobs continue to leave our community for Virginia, D.C. or even other parts of Maryland. Taxes have slowed business growth, and investment in schools has become a political issue.

I want to change all of this. I will bring commonsense leadership back to the Montgomery County Council. I will #BringJobsHome to Montgomery County by rolling-back tax increases on families, and streamlining business permitting and fee requirements.  We must improve our competitive position in the region, in order to make Montgomery County a more attractive place to do business. I will reduce traffic congestion, as both a quality of life and economic development issue. I will work with our schools to fund a robust education pipeline that is second to none.