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We had another productive week.

Tuesday evening, myself and several members of my campaign staff attended the Lincoln Day Dinner hosted by the Montgomery County GOP. It was a huge event, recognizing local candidates, addressing state goals, and challenging national priorities. Emboldened by victories in both 2014 and 2016, the Republican Party is growing in Montgomery County.

On Thursday, I met with a group of local business leaders to better understand their economic concerns and further communicate UpCounty's unique rural interests. I firmly believe that a mature, wise, and profitable balance can be reached between economic growth and local environmental responsibility. With declining jobs and rising taxes, we need a fresh ambitious strategy to #BringJobsHome to Montgomery County.

Saturday was very busy. I started the day by speaking at the GOP Asian American Association (AAA) picnic at South Germantown Recreational Park and shared my strategy to win District 2 in 2018. The AAA is a valuable influence in our community; they have outstanding leadership, a strong personal network, high ethical values, and a hopeful American message.

Later in the day I met with my campaign staff to finalize deployment of our technology infrastructure. We launched our "Keep Voting For Us Campaign" with three short issue-based videos, rolled-out our new Photo Gallery, finalized our Vimeo channel, spent time optimizing our search engine responses, and boosted our email marketing campaign. 

Recognizing that local media may not provide balanced coverage, we built our own digital media enterprise; integrating six social media platforms, including our own powerful website, digital analytics, user tracking, voter databases, and email marketing systems. Our digital infrastructure reached full-operational capability this week, with the ability to target voters in Montgomery County below the precinct level.

Team Ferleman Attends MCGOP Lincoln Day Dinner
by Tom Ferleman
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This week, Team Ferleman attended the MCGOP Lincoln Day Dinner at the prestigious Columbia Country Club, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Wall-to-wall, the event was packed full of new and old Republicans from across the county. WMAL Talk Radio Host, Larry O'Connor hosted an amazing lineup. Our Keynote Speaker Joseph diGenova, celebrated legal and political analyst on WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” and contributor to Fox News and the Daily Caller, gave an entertaining and forward-leaning speech that sharply addressed the past and present turmoil in Washington, D.C.

What was most clear, is the fact that the Republican Party is growing in Montgomery County. A strong platform, fresh leadership, outstanding fundraising, and winnable candidates are breathing new life into the freedom party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Raegan.

Team Ferleman is well organized and funded, and moving-out with a powerful message of change that will #BringJobsHome, roll-back tax increases on families, reduce traffic congestions, and invest in building a strong education pipeline.


Thank You: We Hit 500+ Likes
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Did you catch what happened to our Campaign last week? Based on your support, our Facebook page reached 500+ Likes! Our message is getting out, we're reaching supporters, and our momentum is strong. 

For far too long, Democrats from Takoma Park and their cronies on the County Council have taken UpCounty for granted. What they fail to understand is that Gaithersburg, Germantown, Damascus, Clarksburg, Barnesville and Darnestown are not like down-county. Our rural needs are altogether different, and we need better representation. 

If elected to the County Council, I will immediately send a bill to the full Council rolling back property tax increases and cutting the recordation tax on buying and selling a home. I will personally work to recruit new businesses to our community, work to reduce traffic congestion, and invest in building a robust education pipeline.

Thank you so much! With your support, we can partner with Governor Larry Hogan and change Montgomery County for the better.