My five point plan for rolling back tax increases, will provide incentives to businesses that expand in Montgomery County, and additional credits to residential homeowners, the elderly, and veterans. Property taxes have become a second mortgage that homeowners can never pay off and an endless expense for a small business that grows more costly each year. The pace and scale of property-tax growth over the last decade is overwhelming. Since 1990, residential property taxes have grown 3.3 times faster than the state’s median household income. Homeowners are feeling the pain, as family budgets have shrunk and flexible spending has diminished; it's as if people are renting their homes from the government.

Increase supplemental tax credits for homeowners whose household income as compared to their tax bill puts an undue burden on their quality of life.  Double the maximum property assessment amount used for computing property taxes, and change the income formula to allow for eligibility at a higher income level. 

Raise the Senior Tax Credit for residents at least 65 years of age, to 60% of the combined State Homeowners’ Tax Credit and County Supplement. When applicable, the credit will be added to the County Supplement and help to reduce the taxpayer’s tax bill. 

Introduce a ten-year sliding tax credit available to businesses that increase their square footage and number of full-time employees. As businesses grow, the credit will increase to incentivize local business growth. An additional "home-town" credit will be added for businesses that have been in Montgomery County for over ten years prior to filling for the tax credit, in order to boost local entrepreneurship.

Introduce a property tax savings plan to allow County residents to defer their property taxes for primary residences under $1 million in assessed value. Essentially, this allows County residents to use the taxes which would have gone to the government, for re-investing in their homes. In the end, the taxes are paid, but not before the funds are used to improve the quality of life, and increase the value of the dwelling.

Introduce a graduated property tax exemption for Military Veterans, which will exempt 100% of all property taxes for the first year, after being honorably discharged from Active Duty service.  Over the next three years, property taxes will be introduced on a graduated scale. After the full implementation of property taxes, the veteran will then be eligible for a six percent exemption for primary residences under $500,000.