My five point plan to #BringJobsHome to Montgomery County is one of the most significant ways of decreasing poverty. We must boost our competitive advantage in the region so that businesses find our community more attractive. Both public and private stakeholders in the County must come together to reach agreement and take action to make the economy grow and create local income opportunities for more people.

Develop the mechanisms to make it easier for businesses to operate in the County (i.e. lower taxes, easier permitting and licensing, less traffic congestion, and a favorable education pipeline). While growing jobs locally contributes to providing a better quality of life, it also creates an entrepreneurial culture that promotes economic development.

The number one uncertainty in business is time. While businesses can plan for cost, taxes, and fees, they struggle to plan for the time it will take to start and complete a project. We must reduce the time it takes to process permits, gain approval, and achieve a fair return on investment. These changes will strengthen business assurance, and draw new smart growth jobs to our community.

The County's permitting and licensing policies must favor small and emerging businesses. Where small business may have fewer resources, steps must be taken to foster large-small partnerships and joint growth ventures that ensure mutual opportunities.

Marketing our geographic location, talent pipeline, and favorable business climate to regional and international businesses. I will work hand-in-hand with the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) to provide assistance and information to businesses that want to open new offices in our community. 

Access to initial start-up capital and resources to sustain payroll can be a challenge for local entrepreneurs.  For local businesses run by Montgomery County residents, I will work with banks, venture capital firms, and other investors to improve the access to low-cost loans, innovative financing, community grants, and non-profit funds. This will ease the financial burden on local businesses, and strengthen job opportunities in our community.