My five point plan for education focuses on preparing students for jobs in our community. A sustainable education pipeline begins with a well funded school system. We must support strong early childhood education that prepares young children for success throughout their academic years. It continues with the highest-quality elementary, middle and high school education, all focused on preparing students for success in college and beyond.

We must think locally and act globally; the nations of the world are here in the D.C. area. Montgomery County is a transient community; many people move here for government jobs and eventually return to their homes. This varied culture has always ensured that we're a diverse, adaptable, creative, and welcoming community. We must develop an education pipeline that maximizes our geographic uniqueness, sees diversity as an opportunity for creativity, and equips students with international cultural competencies.

Adopt education policies that increase the number of students successfully achieving four-year college degrees. For the most part, high levels of educational capital will be the foundation of our economic development, the greatest individual contributors to a robust jobs market, and provide the freedom to reduce taxes on families.

Education includes a process of evaluation, for both student, teacher, administrator, and community. The measure of our success in training the next generation can be evaluated across every entity that is engaged with our schools. And, each student's learning modality is unique; this uniqueness is the creative diversity of our culture, which must be allowed to flourish in its own beautiful way.

Partner with the regional business community to adequately fund and resource Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, including vocational trades, at all levels. Ensuring the movement of students through phases of learning, into focused placement, productive internships, community college, university and eventually productive local jobs.

If we want the best schools, we must be willing to pay for the best talent, resources, and time. Across nearly all measures, our community ranks in the top-ten in terms of education, but we are rarely number one. We must leap to the front of the room and capture the flag of success, by recruiting the best and brightest teachers in the world. Teaching is a calling not just a paycheck; our community understand that, and is willing to support our teachers as they dream big and achieve success.