Join the Team and Change Montgomery County

In order to win, we need passionate volunteers committed to changing Montgomery County. You don't need experience, we will train you to help impact our community for the better. We're looking for people to serve as neighborhood coordinators, event hosts, or display a yard sign, ring a doorbell, pass out a flyer, and give a great big smile.  

Neighborhood Coordinators function like Precinct Captains, but with less political party maneuvering. We want volunteers to enjoy themselves, and be actively engaged across political parties. Other candidates are not the enemy, we just disagree on the issues. As a Neighborhood Coordinator, you will spend time communicating issues with your neighbors, sharing information on Tom's campaign, and encouraging people in your social network to jump-on-board and vote.

We encourage you to try this even if you think you can’t talk to people. You can go with a partner and see how it's done. You aren’t knocking on just any door; you are given a list of addresses in a neighborhood for people who are likely voters. Primarily, you knock, no one answers, and you leave a door hanger. You get exercise, soak up a little Vitamin D, and help get Tom's name in front of voters. A win for everyone. 

Talking to strangers can be difficult. Smile when you talk, it really does help. For every 10 numbers you dial, you might reach one person, so get busy and don’t fret over making that first call. We will provide scripts, but don’t be afraid to modify them (for style, not substance) to make them sound more like you. If you start off sounding friendly and identifying yourself as a volunteer, only one in a million people will be nasty to you. Just think of that as payback for the times you’ve hung up rudely on a phone solicitor. Once in a while, you'll have a great chat with someone who will reinforce your faith in humanity and a love for our community.

Supporters want yard signs, and someone has to deliver them. We're also seeking supporters with prime property for big 4′ x 8′ signs: residential or retail corners, fences on key roads, etc. If you can deliver yard signs, great. Go ahead & put them up in the yard, but not in the right-of-way. If you’ve got a truck, you can help with the big signs.  We're also looking for craftsmen to make large billboard size wooden signs.

We have thousands of data records that need constant care and feeding. Most of the work can be done at home. When volunteers return from phone-banking, and when donations come in, someone has to log them into the computer. If you think data entry is your thing, please make a commitment for the long haul. The campaign uses this information to plan future mailings, block-walks, phone calls, and relies upon it for mandatory financial reporting.

To earn votes, we need to connect with voters. Those connections are phone calls, emails, handshakes at events, articles in the newspaper, eyeballs on signs, etc., and even with a tremendous volunteer base, we need to spend money to make these things happen. If you can’t write a big check, consider making a monthly gift of a smaller amount to help with cash flow. Consider bundling; if you get ten friends to each give $10 a month for 12 months, and then find ten other people to do that, it adds up.

Every social media click matters. We encourage supporters to engage online; re-post, like, and share. Be very active, overwhelm the Internet, go-viral, but always play nice. Comment first on an article about issues Tom cares about, and say something positive without resorting to mudslinging about the other candidate. Be brief and direct, but remember that civility matters.

It's no surprise that a candidate needs name recognition among voters almost as much as they need donations. You can invite your neighbors over for coffee on a Saturday morning or wine on a weeknight to meet Tom; he wants to hear their concerns and share his vision for the future of our community. If you can’t host an event, we might have another event in your area that you can attend, and bring a friend or two. Hosts are always grateful for a good turn-out.

This doesn’t have to be a fundraiser, but note that as the campaign gets closer and closer to election day, the focus will have to be on fundraising events, not meet & greets. So, get on the calendar early if this is how you want to volunteer.